GA1 – Project management

A1.1 – Project management and monitoring of the project activities

A1.2 – Reporting

GA2 – Information and Communication plan

A2.1 – Public information and dissemination campaign of the project

GA3 – Organizing educational and cooperation activities at bilateral level

A3.1 – Providing professional counseling and guidance services through the e-CPO Platform

A3.2 – Organizing professional training courses

A3.3 – Organization of entrepreneurial educational activities through the CBC-FeRoM platform

A3.4 – Organizing educational events for cross-border cooperation between students

A3.5 – Developing an innovative educational concept “Atelier de Emotii” in Galati

A3.6 – Organizing educational information campaigns at bilateral level

A3.7 – Organizing of specialization sessions

A3.8 – Organizing of inter-institutional cooperation events in the field of education